Mix is a comfortable and centrally located place to work, designed to complement your usual work routine. At Mix you'll find 8 fixed desks, a workbench / meeting table, printer and office stationery, kitchenette, phone booth, and professional grade internet hardware (Ubiquiti Unifi) to ensure the best online work experience. Mix is part of Grow Remote, a network dedicated to growing remote working communities in rural areas.

Mix started in October 2018 by two individuals passionate about the benefits of remote working and the coworking movement - an environment which mixes different skills, sectors and ideas together everyday. Rachel heads up sales and marketing for Skedda, a scheduling software company that HQs out of Melbourne. Michael manages European operations for Remote Year, a platform that supports working professionals to work remotely and travel the world at the same time.

If you're interested in working at Mix for a few hours, a few days or making it your permanent workplace, get in touch and we'd love to start a conversation!